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I will not even be embarrassing Keith right now if I tell you how how damn cute he was opening the box that held this camera. Excited is an understatement. He has wanted a Leica since I can remember. I’m not sure why he hasn’t bought one until now but he hasn’t. So today is a special day for sure.

This Leica is not Keiht’s first rangefinder, those that know him well saw a Zeiss hanging off his shoulder for the better part of the first year he owned it. Up until a few minutes ago, the camera du jour hanging off his shoulder for the past few months was his new Fuji X100. Well that camera will have to take a backseat to this long awaited Leica. Keith’s dream of paring down his camera bag for weddings to (2) rangefinders, a handful of lenses and bag of film is getting closer!

Stay tuned, the film will be loaded shortly and I can’t wait to bombard everyone with the results!