lobster rolls… are they equal (and what are they)?

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Hi All,

Some of you are aware that I was on a weeklong vacation with my family to the New England area recently (just got back). While away, we indulged in one of my wife’s favorite meals, lobster rolls (pronounced lob-stah rolls if you are from the area). She researched the areas offerings before we left home and came up with some must haves in any area that we could possibly be as our plans evolved on site. The two that we ended up with were both different and excellent.

To appreciate this you must first know what a lobster roll is. It is usually (or at least used to be) a sandwich containing the meat of a one pound lobster on a toasted hotdog bun (sometimes a hamburger roll). It is most often mixed with mayonnaise but may also be just plain with a side of drawn butter, which is my favorite as I really don’t like mayo.

The two places we stopped at were Costello’s (in Noank, CT) and Evelyn’s (Tiverton, RI). Costello’s is the sister property of the highly acclaimed lobster roll joint (seafood shack) Abbott’s (hence the name on the potato chip bag in the photo). They  chop the lobster in little pieces, form it and serve it on a hamburger bun. They offer both with and without mayo (without is represented in the following photos).  They have a good thing going as it is a memorable presentation and tastes great. They are also rated by Zagat’s.

Evelyn’s goes the more traditional route in that they pull the meat apart roughly and lay it in the hotdog roll. The meat is all tail and claw (yummmm). They also give the choice of mayo or not. They were reviewed on the only food show that I like, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

If life puts you close enough to either of these places then I recommend both. If you can only make one then I recommend Evelyn’s (although Melissa prefers Costello’s/Abbotts). You really can’t go wrong.

Feel free to share your preferences.