Marriage Proposal on the first tee | We Ko Pa Golf Club Arizona


the blog:

The bride-to-be was completely taken by surprise. Who expects to be proposed to while golfing? I think it is so romantic when a one half of the couple decides to do something out of the box for the other half. 

Hard to believe that it was a frosty morning in Arizona. Those two words aren’t in the same sentence too often living here in the desert – frosty and Arizona. In a few months I will be longing to say those words and remember this day – so chilly I could see my breath. We were supposed to photograph this wedding proposal at 9am on the first tee at We Ko Pa Golf Club. The freeze delayed the first group going out until almost 9 – so we had to make ourselves scare until about 10. 

What is so challenging about photographing a surprise proposal is acting like you belong at the scene without giving yourself away. Sometimes you can blend right in. With no trees to duck behind and nowhere to hide, this was not one of those times. We had to make small talk with the couple in order to play off why two photographers were standing at the first tee box. It worked, she had no idea what was going to happen after she teed off. 

How much fun is a surprise proposal? This gesture could not have been any more sweet or well received. Everyone was happy!

And she said yes!