Meet and Greet Sicilian Style | Wedding in Sicily | Part 3

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After some very long travel from some very far away places – friends and family all came together to eat, drink and celebrate. I just love how great food and great wine are the center of so many of life’s celebrations.
So what better spot for a meet and greet than in a beautiful wine shop located above a grocery store in San Cataldo? Who would know this little gem existed? What a selection of wine, grappa, port, etc. And of course the food was outstanding. All sorts of cheeses, local meats, arancini (my favorite rice balls that are stuffed with all sorts of goodies), one food tray after another. And if that wasn’t enough food, then there were trays of local deserts – oh I can’t begin to explain how delicious the cannolis are in this part of the world. So good. Period.

It was so beautiful to see these two families meet for the first time. The bride’s family is from San Cataldo, the groom’s family is from the east coast. They met in Scottsdale and as the saying goes, the rest is history. Friends and family from as far away as Hawaii, Arizona, California, Colorado and the east coast. And of course family members from party of Italy and of course Sicily joined together for this special evening. A heartfelt toast by the bride and groom definitely made it all real. Chin Chin!