My list of 101 in 1001

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Hi All,
I usually try not to be a follower, but I have seen this list “101 in 1001” on a few people’s blogs – and it is actually a great idea!  What better way to accomplish 101 things in 1001 days – compile a list and when you complete a task, put the date next to it, hopefully having all completed within the 1001 days!  I haven’t finished my entire list, I’m up to 79 at the moment, but I figured there’s no better time than the present to get started.  So here we go…

  1. Start a charity
  2. Develop and implement an office procedural manual
  3. Create venue albums
  4. Children’s sample albums
  5. Upgrade wedding sample albums
  6. Lose 20 pounds
  7. Order sheet w pictures
  8. Implement surveys
  9. Expand newborn portfolio
  10. Update both website regularly with new images
  11. Become a blue belt
  12. Submit weddings to publications
  13. Implement weekly blog schedule
  14. Order new collections for office walls
  15. Increase Senior portfolio
  16. Hang photos in long hallway at home
  17. Create a pdf for children’s shoots
  18. Finish organizing office
  19. Create a book for the birth of both my daughters
  20. Figure out packaging for large prints/canvases
  21. Gabriella’s one year book
  22. Send out anniversary cards to past clients
  23. Create a new thank you card
  24. Finish my own wedding album
  25. Organize all equipment
  26. Use my enlarger
  27. Make a darkroom at my house
  28. Stock pics of the kids
  29. Develop a relationship with a framer
  30. Take the kids skiing
  31. Become a camouflage belt
  32. Finish my binder
  33. Perfect collodion technique
  34. Document my family (hopefully in large format)
  35. Clean out my home office
  36. Have the neighbors over for a long overdue party
  37. Market collodion
  38. Visit grandma Cynthia
  39. Market large format
  40. Keep in touch with past clients
  41. Read a book on business for 3 consecutive months
  42. Hire a publicist
  43. Be mentioned on Oprah
  44. Take the dog for a long walk more regularly
  45. Be home to have dinner with my family at least 3 times per week
  46. Get a physical
  47. Volunteer with Isabella
  48. See a movie once per month
  49. Go to Monument Valley
  50. Be published in a National Magazine
  51. Improve my marksmanship
  52. Shoot another magazine cover
  53. Visit the Grand Canyon with the kids
  54. Go to Sante Fe with my wife
  55. Develop inquiry email responses
  56. Streamline all office procedures
  57. Visit the East Coast annually
  58. Decide on the new face for my children’s marketing
  59. Update wedding brochure
  60. Update kids brochure
  61. Develop CD to send home with potential clients
  62. Book ONLY 12 weddings per year
  63. Interest my kids in photography
  64. Try in studio viewing of proofs for wedding
  65. Develop more cards…
  66. Create a product
  67. Run for local office
  68. Establish weekly game night with family
  69. Make an albumen print
  70. Shoot a personal project per month for one year
  71. Get a new headshot taken of me
  72. Take our daughters to the Museum of Natural History
  73. Shoot a portrait (non-family member) for 52 weeks
  74. Teach my daughters to fly a kite
  75. Go on a jeep tour of Sedona
  76. Take my mother in law to the movies
  77. Publish a wedding in the Wedding Chronicle
  78. Get published in the Best Wedding of the Year Issue
  79. Become a black belt