My Mother’s Day…

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I have no idea what I will wake up to tomorrow morning, I assume Keith has the kids doing something cute for me, but I have already had the best Mother’s Day in the world!  (I’m not even counting the fact that the kids were like little angels in the grocery store today or that my 4-year old told me on the way out the door this afternoon that she wants to be just like me – words that melted my heart!)
I’m referring to the Mother’s Day celebration that happened at their preschool on Friday!  We (my mom came too) had to be at my 4-year old’s classroom by 9:15 – I’m so glad we weren’t late!  The little group sang their hearts out – 4 and 5 year olds singing adorable little songs about their moms and how much they love them!  I was crying seconds into their performance.  (I had my Flip Video and Canon G10 poised and ready – trying my best to document this adorable event – with happy, proud tears running down my face!  I remember back to Thanksgiving, my little girl sang her heart out about “Gobble, Gobble Fat Turkey, Fat Turkey” and I had nothing with me to document this absolutely priceless event! I wasn’t going to let that happen again – I was armed to the hilt!)

They had handmade the table cloths with hand-stamped roses and flowers, made a pot of hydrangeas for each of us with a little picture on it, handed us a bunch of flowers they had made that doubled as a card and THEN served us our tea – with bagels and strawberries – too cute!  Wow – I was so proud! (I know you moms that have been through this a million times are probably laughing!)

Then, we were off to our 2-year old’s classroom.  The sign on the door said: “There’s No Butter Mom Than You!” – we knew cuteness was on the other side of that door!  The little ones had made us homemade butter (mixed with their little hands) – packaged in a little jar with a picture of them holding up that very sign!  I just squeezed my baby when she handed that little jar, I was filled with tears again!

When we were in the car driving away, my mom said to me:  “When the years pass and your kids are older (39 and 36 like myself and my sister) – these are the memories that will stay with you forever!  This is what it is all about!”  I already know she is right!