New Years luck…


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Hi All,
Growing up, my mother (who is originally from North Carolina) always made a special meal on New Year’s day. It was a tradition that was supposed to bring luck . What she always made was ham hocks and black eyed peas. It was not the only dish, but it was the most important. Over the years, I have not always been able to make it to mom’s on New Years day and I have no idea how much luckier I could have been (I consider myself pretty lucky in general for all I have). That said, with the current state of affairs, I figured my family and I could use all the luck we can get. With this in mind and my mother having moved to Arizona to be closer to us, we all feasted on a huge southern meal complete with the aforementioned hamhocks and black eyed peas. Hopefully you all had some too. I hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous 2009. If you find by the end of it that you could have been luckier then keep this post in mind. Maybe I could invite you to moms next year. 

Do you have any traditions that you want to share for the new year? Post them here for all to read.




Black Eyed peas