On my way to NYC


the blog:

Hi All,I am back from a slightly less than eventful trip to Mexico. I have to start planning for the return so that I can follow up on some of the business I did get to conduct and of course go diving with the whale sharks. After unwinding by attending my daughters friends 3rd birthday party (kids are so cute at that age) I packed for my trip to NYC and here I am at the airport again. I will be shooting a corporate affair for the American Securitization Forum (a subsidiary of the Bond Market for those of you who may be curious) and a Bat-Mitzvah for a lovely family that I have photographed for in the past. I will try to make an entry or two while I’m there. Next week I will be in Upstate New York in a remote area named Dundee. I can’t wait for that trip (seriously). I am attending a class that I have wanted to go to for some time now. I will be leaning the wet plate process from one of the acknowledged masters of it. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, it is the process that was used in the Civil War era. I will get to camp out for three days in a field and learn to mix chemicals ( cyanide and ether to name two), cut and prepare the glass and metal and of course to make very long exposures using no modern conveniences. Once I learn that way it will be simple to do it in a studio setting. I will have my laptop and digital camera with me and I hope to be able to sneak off at the end of the day to upload some images. Please check back if that interests you at all. Ciao for now.