On my way to NYC


Hi All,I am back from a slightly less than eventful trip to Mexico. I have to start planning for the return so that I can follow up on some of the business I did get to conduct and of course go diving with the whale sharks. After unwinding by attending my daughters friends 3rd birthday party (kids are so cute at that age) I packed for my trip to NYC and here I am at the airport again. I will be shooting a corporate affair for the American Securitization Forum (a subsidiary of the Bond Market for those of you who may be curious) and a Bat-Mitzvah for a lovely family that I have photographed for in the past. I will try to make an entry or two while I’m there. Next week I will be in Upstate New York in a remote area named Dundee. I can’t wait for that trip (seriously). I am attending a class that I have wanted to go to for some time now. I will be leaning the wet plate process from one of the acknowledged masters of it. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, it is the process that was used in the Civil War era. I will get to camp out for three days in a field and learn to mix chemicals ( cyanide and ether to name two), cut and prepare the glass and metal and of course to make very long exposures using no modern conveniences. Once I learn that way it will be simple to do it in a studio setting. I will have my laptop and digital camera with me and I hope to be able to sneak off at the end of the day to upload some images. Please check back if that interests you at all. Ciao for now.



Hi Nuraan,
Thank you for the kind words. Since you ask then yes I will post about tips and techniques. Thank you for the idea. I hope that you find what I post useful or at least mildly interesting. I have a few things coming up that I will be posting about but I will try to put up a tip or two soon.



hey keith
i’m really interested in photography and i have been really keen on it for a while now….but i’m looking into buying a digital camera (as i dont own my own one yet)..
Your shots are amazing, the kids shots are georgeous – so pure and innocent!
Anyway just wanted to know if you post some tips for taking pics, camera choices etc..

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