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We have taken many a stroll since coming to Paris nearly 4 weeks ago. Our evening walks can easily involve a stop for ice cream. Since we have now tried our fair share of ice cream/glaces/gelato/sorbet across Paris, it i time for us to share with you another of our favorites: Amorino.

Amorino is a small chain of gelato shops around Paris that offer really tasty flavors. July’s flavor of the month is: Pompelmo Rosa (Pink Grapefruit). They use organic eggs, no coloring or artificial flavors. Their flavors are rich and colorful and are presented like a little flower. Something unique: they offer a kids size (similar to their small for 2 Euro – a bargain! the kids can choose up to 2 flavors) The adult cones (3 sizes up to 3 flavors) are perfectly placed on the cone to form a beautiful flower. The colors just pop – the presentation, while time consuming to create, is beautiful.

So far, Amorino is the most unique for presentation and the flavors were delicious.

These lovely photographs are courtesy of the Studio of Bradford Jones. Thanks Brad for coming along for one of our evening walks and documenting it for us! Greatly appreciated.