Hi All,
Here is a glimpse of our new service. “Party Portraits” seemed to be a big hit at the recent wedding at the Inspirador in Chandler.  We weren’t there to photograph the whole thing, just this, and it went great. Party Portraits are our take on the photo booth idea. It takes up a bit more real estate but produces a much better result. Everyone seems to have really enjoyed themselves on our set (if you are to believe the faces in the photos). This is an example of a simple idea done well. I have seen this idea done well on occasion but it is usually butchered (in my opinion). That said, what do you think of our version? Oh, do you recognize the ever fabulous event planner to the beautiful, Victoria Canada in the photos below? If not then you should.



Party Portraits


Super fun idea! This would work at so many events!

This was amazing at the wedding! Everyone raved about it and they had so much fun!!
As a bride, the evening goes by so fast- so it was great to go through these photos and see everyone having a blast with it. I also loved how much space you got- so those family pictures actually turned out where you could see everyone, instead of cramming into a booth and seeing Dad’s forehead 🙂

Trisha Madrid Marolf

Wow…I LOVE it!!!! What a great idea. Wonderful way to allow guests to get involved and show their true personalities:-)

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