The perfect backdrop for an engagement session

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This is my 4th visit to the Grand Canyon. The first time I was a college student from Boston, visiting with my girlfriends on a Spring Break trip way back in 1990. I was amazed then and I continue to be amazed. A lot has changed in the world since then but the Grand Canyon remains exactly the same – incredible.

“This is f****ing amazing” I heard a girl screaming into her Iphone as she was face timing with someone showing her the view. That superlative is perfect because that’s exactly what this place is. It is awe inspiring that something like this even exists. And for those of us fortunate enough to visit – a picture can’t do it justice.

We were at the Grand Canyon to photograph a couple for their engagement session. It was a chilly 36 degrees but you would never know from the photos.

Our bride to be hung in there and managed to make it look like it was a balmy 80 and she was comfortable in her strapless dress clinging to the edges of the canyon with her handsome hubby to be. She made it look easy and effortless – and the beauty of this very Grand Canyon is evident in each and every photo.

Looking forward to sharing these gorgeous photos with this couple – so appreciative that they wanted to do something a little bit different!

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