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Unfortunately, Keith and I do not escape as often as we should to photography galleries and exhibits. But when we do, we really enjoy ourselves. It usually takes an occasion to tear us away (during the day) from our work. What better occasion than Keith’s birthday to head on over to the Phoenix Art Museum and check out the Brett Weston (Edward Weston‘s son) and Sonya Noskowiak exhibition?

We tend to use most of our babysitting chits with the grandmoms for our working weekend schedules. As everyone knows, wedding (and portrait) photographers generally work on weekends – wedding photographers usually part of the day and part of the night. So needless to say, date nights are few and far between on weekends.

So dates sometimes have to happen during the day.

Lunch and a museum visit – can be oh so romantic!

If you happen to be headed to The Phoenix Art Museum, don’t miss this exhibit.

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