Photo Tips

Objective:  To teach parents how to use the camera they already own to take better photos of their children!

  • Get Close – when you feel close enough, get a little closer
  • Background – look around for a simple background. It may be just a step to the left or right – but you can avoid that parked car or ugly mop that’s right behind your child (unless you want it there!)
  • Angle – it is better to get down to your child’s height.  Their point of view is rarely taken.  You will see them as other children see them – eye contact is great, but not neccesary
  • Light – find a good natural light source – open doorway, near garage door that is open, next to a window, out on the patio
  • Get the Shot – a bad shot is better than not getting the shot!
  • Composition – the subject does not have to be dead center, use the rule of thirds, layering for depth
  • Shoot a lot! – edit later!  take lots of pictures!