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Welcome! I haven’t put up a post in awhile. A lot has happened since. Keith, myself, our 2 teenage girls and our 4 rescue pups moved to the South of France.

The first year we spent half the year in Phoenix photographing incredible weddings and amazing family portraits. Now we continue the transition to France only booking a handful of weddings each year in the US.

While we are still doing the rare wedding – we have decided to follow our passions.

For Keith his passion has always been teaching photography. He has been doing this for years and years and has enjoyed teaching adults as well as children (part of the Kids in Focus team). He is now focusing on photography workshops in Paris (and the rest of Europe)! In addition, he has created a street photography group in the South of France.

I have decided to continue mentoring women photographers. I have been doing this unofficially for a decade. But during covid, I went back to school and became a coach – I wanted to add another element to my mentoring that would help these photographers get better results. I am now all in as a photography business coach, living in the south of France!

This next chapter for us and our family has been on our dream board for years. We planned, we worked hard and now here we are, beginning our new lives.

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Happy to answer any questions about this transformative move from Phoenix to the south of France.