Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


the blog:

Hi All. I just want to let you know that Keith Pitts and the crew are heading down to a gorgeous part of the east coast of Mexico. The region is known as the Riviera Maya. The city is Playa Del Carmen. It is about 30 or so minutes south of Cancun and MUCH nicer. What I like is the fact that there are no buildings allowed to exceed 4 stories. Therefor no skyscraper monstrosities blocking your views. We were there 2 years ago and fell in love with the area. Great diving and Mayan ruins to boot. Lastly (and I hope it stays this way), unlike Cancun you have very few people over 30 trying to be 18 again (it really isn’t pretty). The reason for this trip is two fold. First… it’s a great place. Second… because of reason one we are looking to establish a presence down there for destination weddings. We are closing on a condo that we purchased that has just finished construction downtown and directly across the street from the beach. I will post from down there. Pictures and all. Please stay tuned.