Pranziamo a 13:30 | Wedding in Sicily | Part 1

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There are just so many precious back stories to this wedding week in Sicily but to start, I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves.
Up in the winding hills that seem to define this part of the island,  San Cataldo emerges larger than you would imagine – smack dab in the middle of Sicily.  Agriculture is at the town’s core. But all sorts of little mom and pop businesses line the main street – a hardware store, a couple of macellerias (butcher shop), beauty salon, a stationer, a church here and there, bread shops, a barber, a toy store, a few bars, spots to get a good espresso and gelato, you name it, they have it. No big box stores in town (yes on the fringe of town) but very little commercialization has robbed this town of it’s small town identity.

I love having to go from store to store to get everything. It is so friendly, so how it used to be. And believe me, almost every spot I just named, played a role in this wedding.

It seems between 1 and 3:30 each day, businesses shut down and everyone heads home for lunch. Here’s a peak into an afternoon at the bride’s family home.