Pre Wedding Questionnaire

We truly appreciate you choosing us to document your wedding day! We know you can’t possibly know all the details about your wedding day at this point, but we would appreciate it if you could please fill in what you can – we want to know as much about your beautiful day as possible! Thank you.

Bride/Groom Name
Bride/Groom Name
Mailing Address
Wedding Date

a list of parents/step parents that will be attending

While we make every effort possible to capture the best retelling of your wedding day. we are unable to guarantee particular shots as each wedding is unique and clients needs vary. For this reason, we ask that you help us accomplish this task by listing anything of special importance so we can do our best to make this happen for you! Ex: “Pic of me + grandma”, “that family heirloom”, “my 10 cousins take the same photo at every wedding” etc.

(sparkler exit? special dance? etc.)