make & stow handmade box for wedding photos

Printing your wedding photographs

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make & stow handmade box for wedding photos

After your wedding we want you to have something meaningful.

Yes, we you will receive the full resolution digital files. No worries about that.

But we want you to have prints in your hand. Printing your photographs preserves this story, the memories, your narrative.

We select about 100 of our favorites that we feel best retell your wedding day story, have them printed up at a lovely little lab in Oregon that has been developing our film for years.

The 4×6 prints + your custom USB drive are presented in a hand made photo box made entirely of American walnut, tied with beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon.

I absolutely love this presentation. I love seeing the wedding come to life in printed photographs.

Printing your wedding story is such an honor for us. Knowing that this heirloom will potentially be passed down to the next generation is a reminder why we love wedding photography as much as we do.

When someone lifts the lid and sifts through these photos, think of the joy you will have reliving your story, one photo at a time.