What questions should you ask your wedding photographer?


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Being a wedding photographer is our passion. We love helping our clients find answers and try and see the difference between wedding photographers and their styles.

One of the best ways you can see if a wedding photographer is have a chat, a zoom or an in person meeting. Review several full day weddings and make sure that you like their style.

But the best way to find out more about your potential wedding photographer is to ask questions (and inquire about what they do outside of weddings that influences their style and their approach.

We being considered as a wedding photographer by our clients, we really enjoy the interview process.

Keith and I get to learn so much about a couple and what is important to them.

It makes our heart smile when we hear how photography is very high on a couple’s priority list.

And it makes us smile even more when we hear the magic words that they love documentary style wedding photography.

What warms the heart even more is when we are asked interesting questions by our potential clients.

Not the run of the mill questions but the one’s that actually make you think. It makes the wedding photographer interviewing process even more fun.

This week we were asked by a bride several interesting questions – but my favorite was her question about what we like to shoot when we aren’t photographing weddings. Great question!

Portraits are high on the list. But incorporating our love of travel with street photography seems to be the recipe that speaks to us the most.

Walk around a city – our home city of Phoenix or a spot as far away as Jakarta, it is amazing how much there is to see.

There’s day to day life, there’s architectural elements, cultural components, grittiness, beauty and sometimes all of that rolled into one scene.

Travel photography is similar to wedding photography in the sense that there is always something happening around you, it is our job to notice.

In case you’re wondering, how did we choose our wedding photographer?

and who doesn’t want to know Harper’s Bazaar 2020 Best Wedding Photographers. Take a look, see how their styles are different and what influences them.

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” – Ray Bradbury