Rainy Day Wedding | The Farm at South Mountain Phoenix


the blog:

I woke up to the wind that morning. Strong wind. But it looked nice outside. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that as the day went on the weather would get that much worse. Apparently the strong gusts were a precursor to the storm clouds that would envelop Phoenix later in the afternoon.

But what can I say about these two? Look at these smiles, this says it ALL! They took every rain drop with a grain of salt. There were no complaints, no feeling sorry for themselves, just optimism at every turn. A sign that their future together would be bright and happy. Looking at how these two handled the day gives me no doubts that have a future chock full of love, happiness and understanding!

The best thing about their wedding day is that they will have this story to tell – and it is a good one!  A unique rainy day Phoenix wedding!

Planner:: Lara Jacobs, Laki Event and Design

Venue:: The Farm at South Mountain

Floral:: Table Tops, etc.