Rustic Wedding | Juniper Well Ranch | Skull Valley Prescott


the blog:

Weddings take on many shapes and forms. What I love most about a wedding day is that the choice of venue, the choice of vendors, the outline for the day, generally reflects the personalities of the couple. There were so many special things about this wedding day that meant everything in the world to these two. And that’s why it is so easy for us to retell their story because they have made it their story.

Incredible food (or Fabulous Food!) was a top priority to the groom. The fact that he is a chef and she also works with food meant that this was a very important detail for them. And they got it so right! Wow, the prep, the all day smoking of meats, the grilling fish on the open air fire pit, the sauces, the over the top cheese/appetizer selections, it goes on and on and concluded with a creamistry style display of made to order liquid nitrogen ice cream. So much goodness!

But the most important part was the joining of these two and their friends and families. The setting was idyllic, rustic yet absolutely adorable. The emotion and genuine love and laughter was everywhere. Three sets of grandparents made the trip. Enough said. Family is super important. The toasts, the stories, the overheard chit chat was all about these two and how they work so well together. And looking at the laughter and the smiles from ear to ear it is pretty plain to see that this was one happy day.

The best day ever.

Venue:: Juniper Well Ranch

Catering:: Fabulous Foods

Floral:: Flora Bella