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Serendipity Videography is the most sought after wedding videographer in the Valley. Over the years, we have had the great pleasure of working professionally with Serendipity at weddings. Photographer and videographer, two necessary elements of almost every wedding.
In passing, Jeff happened to mention that a video might be a nice touch for our website. We could not agree more. In fact, a video (a well made video) was long overdue! When Jeff and Taryn agreed to help us we knew that we would end up with something really special – and special is an understatement. This video really captures who Keith is, what he does, and most importantly – why he is a photographer. {Oh, and our kids are ADORABLE!}

Keith Pitts Photography from Serendipity Videography on Vimeo.

It is really special to be on this side of things! Not only have we worked with Serendipity and know how professional and fabulous they are – we can now say first hand how pleased we are with OUR video!

Thank you Serendipity Videography for such a heartfelt, sincere piece of art!


I love this video! It shows the essence of who Jeff is. This production is really like a mini documentary. It doesn’t say hire me. It says this is who I am and you are going to like me whether I’m your photographer or not. I love the kids in the video. It shows that Jeff is human like everyone else. I hope your future prospective brides will hire you for their productions. Jeff comes off as a friend rather than a vendor. This video shows that this is the future for the wedding photography and wedding videography industry. Keep up the good work in showing the stories of who we are! You have kept the bar at the highest standard.

I am utterly blown away. This video so poignantly captures who you are as a photographer and person. I can’t wait to see it on the website. Tell Isabella that she has a future in broadcasting!

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