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There is something about counting and packing film up that makes me nervously excited on a Monday morning after a wedding weekend. It reminds me of the same nervous excitement I would have the few times I walked across a suspension bridge as a kid. My hands are actually sweating right now thinking of my little sister running across a suspension bridge dangling a million feet in the air on this little bridge on a family trip to Vancouver. That kind of fun anxiety. An anxiously awaiting kind of anxiety.

The entire wedding is in these rolls of film. How exciting is that? It doesn’t get old, knowing that all the happy moments, candid interactions, family portraits, everything that made this wedding so unique and special is all right here – and I’m sending off the film to get developed. To see these important moments come to life a few weeks later is just an incredible feeling. The nervous excitement. You know everything was captured beautifully, but you can’t see it with your own eyes until those digital scans are ready. There is such an amazing feeling to the whole process.

I know there are those that thrive on instant gratification.  But in the case of photographing a wedding in film, patience is a virtue. We can’t do an instant sneak peek or design an album overnight but what we can give you are handcrafted images with so much love of what your wedding represents as told through our favorite medium.  Film tells your story one beautiful frame at a time. So honored that we have amazing couples that cherish this and revel in the process.

Funny how everything that is old then becomes new but was never really old. And of course new or old nothing changes the excitement of seeing your wedding images for the first time!