Signature Weddings…Michelle Rago

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Wow…I have seen Michelle Rago featured on several different wedding blogs and the reason is obvious – she has a gift!  Luckily, she shares her creativity in her book called Signature Weddings!

America’s most innovative wedding designer—hailed by Modern Bride as the “wedding design dynamo”—showcases her completely fresh and beautifully photographed ideas for personalizing your special day.

Michelle Rago is a rising star in the world of weddings, and she has made her name by focusing on the biggest trend in weddings today: personalization. Now she makes her creative process available to everyone, revealing the techniques that made Modern Bride name her as one of the industry’s top twenty-five trendsetters. 

Michell e Rago’s wedding and event design company has served some of Manhattan’s most prestigious couples and wowed the readers of magazines including Martha Stewart Weddings, InStyle Weddings, Town & Country, and Modern Bride.