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Attending a Sikh wedding is an exciting multi day display of culture, religion and all sorts of gorgeous customs. Day two of this three day wedding weekend started in the morning at the Canyon Suites at the Phoenician for the pre ceremony customs. Prayers, including ladoo (Indian sweets), the presentation of the the kirpan (sword) which symbolizes that he will protect his wife and the surma (black kohl applied to the eyes) an Indian tradition to deter the evil eye together wit Incredible rituals including the exchange of money, sweets, the sehra to cover the groom’s face, the palla (wedding scarf) and then off to the gurdwara for the wedding ceremony.

The barat (groom’s family) is received at the gurdwara by the bride’s family. The dhol player was simply amazing, combined with the music – such an incredible sound. The bride was tucked away and is not part of all the festivities. The groom was presented on a white horse with his sword by his side. Once he made his way to the steps of the gurdwara, the milni (the meeting) and ardaas (prayer) happened between the two families before heading inside for the wedding ceremony. 

The Anand Karaj (the marriage union) took place in the main room of the gurdwara with all the family and friends present. So many beautiful blessings during the ceremony. The bride with her incredible dress and jewelry. An incredible celebration of religion, customs and love. 

Planner:: Two Hearts and a Planner-Laurie Stricklin

Venue:: Nishkam Seva Gurdwara Sahib

Floral:: Brady’s Floral

Wedding Stationery:: Victoria York Designs

Caterer:: Manohar’s Delhi Palace

DJ:: Sandeep Kumar

Dhol by Malinder Tooray

Hair and make up by Michael Nieto

Mehendi by Purvi Shaw 

Video:: Serendipity

Lighting:: Karma Event Lighting


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