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For those of you that read this blog, you are aware that Keith will be appearing on Arizona Midday Thursday, August 28th – sometime between 1-2pm.  For those of you that don’t read this blog…you now know the same info!  Keith’s segment will be discussing “How to Take Better Pictures of your Kids with the Camera you Already Own!”  The points that he will discuss are meant for beginners… with just these few pointers, you will be taking better pictures immediately!
Case in point, this shot was taken by Keith with a run of the mill, point and shoot digital camera.  However, Keith followed several of his own tips in taking the picture (please refer to the Photo Tips Page in this blog for the list) – this picture looks like it was taken with a professional digital camera!

We are thinking of including a weekly “Tip” section on the blog – as usual, we appreciate any and all feedback!


I am glad you found the information useful. I too am not a huge fan of flash but there are times when it is a very useful tool. I hope to be able to answer more of your questions in future posts.  Sincerely, Keith

I just saw Keith on AZ mid day and thought the tips were great. I am not quite a beginner, nor any where close to an expert, and I love hearing about tips. I have a Rebel XTi that I have used the last year and sometimes I spend too much time trying to adjust something or set something up instead of just clicking. I have been trying to take myspace pics for teens (my cousin is a freshman at pinnacle) to start building a portfolio, but I make the mistake of going outside at the wrong time and not using my flash to compensate for shadows (good tip, I normally hate the flash for some reason and never think to turn it on in the daylight). I do not want to be a ‘professional’ but photography is my hobby and I LOVE it. Any way enough ramble- I will be back to view tips often, I like the idea of a weekly tip page. Thanks for the information-amanda