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How to plan the perfect surprise proposal shoot

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Are you thinking of having a surprise proposal shoot?

This month we have had a couple of these paparazzi style surprise proposals. And with a little planning, the surprise is captured and the couple has gorgeous photos to remember this important milestone in their lives together.

Surprise proposal at the Silverleaf club

Planning the perfect surprise proposal requires a little help.

For this couple, the mother of the soon to be groom enlisted the assistance of the concierge at Silverleaf. They helped arranged the logistics: flowers, the champagne, the candlelight at the 18th tee box.

The groom had to figure out what he was going to say to his bride to be to get her in a golf cart and get her out there without suspecting.

To pull off a surprise proposal shoot, you need to think of a few things ahead of time. Make sure the photographer knows what your plan is.

We determined that we needed to be on site at least 30 minutes before the couple. We wanted to see the lay of the land, how we could position ourselves without being seen and be ready for when they arrived.

The club went out of their way to escort us, hide our golf cart and adjust the timing so the couple arrived while the light was so gorgeous.

Pro Tip:

Have a second photographer. After having done many, many surprise proposals over the years, having two vantage points is crucial. By positioning ourselves to get a close up as well as an overview of this proposal, the couple gets a more complete story. And sometimes, if a proposal happens in a crowded spot or other factors happen, the second photographer can capture an angle that might have been missed otherwise.

Pro tip:

Spend a little time on a couple’s shoot right after the proposal. This is potentially one of the most important moments in their lives as a couple. After the excitement of the proposal, grab some gorgeous photos of the two of them.

Mom had mentioned to us that they would have family + friends at the clubhouse after the proposal. As we were driving up in the golf cart we grabbed this photo of the group cheering them on. The couple had no idea that their best friends from college would be waiting to congratulate them. It was very emotional.

Excitedly waiting family and friends. Grabbing these candid moments is our specialty. Seeing how happy and thrilled everyone was, love love love these moments.

If you are planning a surprise proposal shoot take into account a few things:

  1. Plan. Have the photographer meet you at the spot ahead of time when possible so that you can review where exactly there is a good angle to that the photographer(s) can go unnoticed yet get the best reaction shots. If not, review what your plans are and what the contingency plan will be.
  2. Hire two photographers. Have multiple angles covered.
  3. Have a couple’s shoot right after. Don’t miss out on this. You have the photographer with you, get some more great photos!

Check out this surprise proposal at the Desert Botanical Gardens. She had NO idea!