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A suggestion for your New Year’s (photo) resolution is:  to tell the story in photographs of your children/family for 2010.  I accomplished  this with both of my children – the first year of their life – I took a picture every day for 365 days – what great memories it evokes!!  While that might be a bit much for most…you can tell a very complete story of 2010 with very little effort!
As a photographer, the goal of every photograph is to tell a story.  If you document the day to day life of your family or one year – you are bound to capture many of life’s happiest moments.

Besides shooting the obvious like holidays, birthdays & special occasions – start to observe your children/family more closely…be spontaneous, be creative, be persistent!  Document what your children/family love (painting butterflies everyday after school, climbing trees), what they have fun with (playing dress up in princess costumes, jumping in puddles), their achievements (like learning to ride a bike, tie their shoes).

Take a lot of photos – think about the pictures that make you happiest when they come back from the lab – the most natural looking ones.  The more you shoot your children, the less attention they will pay to the camera and the better your chances of catching the shot you are looking for.  These are the photographs that become the most memorable.

Most importantly, when you look back on this album – you will be taken right back to that point in time.  What seems mundane now – will be a cherished memory years down the road.   Will you remember that your daughter liked to eat food from the dog bowl (when she was one) or wear a tutu over her skirt everyday (when she was four)?  Without these images, these are memories that may slip away!  Consider putting the album together in a blurb book or shutterfly. Tell the story of a year within the story of your lifetime!

We hope you will implement some of our photography tips to keep things fresh all year!