The digital shoebox…


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Hi All,
Here is a shot that I came across today while looking through an old external hard drive. The digital revolution has given us the ability to store (and forget about) a lot more than we ever could have imagined back when we used to literally put our photos in a shoe box for safe keeping. There were of course photos that were either so good or so meaningful that they were granted a home in a photo album (complete with sticky pages and acetate cover sheets). 

This photo was taken on my way back from searching for saguaros to photograph for my wife (at her request). I ended up liking this building more than any of the saguaros that I found that day. Unfortunately, with life happening all around and other people’s photos to take care of, this got buried in the shoe box. I am happy to have it out of the box and in full view of the blogosphere (at least my corner of it).

It’s amazing to think of the power of  memory. I have literally taken hundreds of thousands of photographs in my lifetime. That said, I can see a photo, such as this, and remember everything about it and the circumstances under which it was created. This power of course is not unique to me. It is an amazing feat performed routinely by the brains of people world wide and daily. Why can’t I remember were my car keys are as easily?

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