A moment within a moment: The evolution of wedding photos


the blog:

Every time I take a photo of a guest at a wedding with their cell phone taking a photo of the wedding I always think: This photo couldn’t have been taken a couple decades ago.

These selfie photos are fun, witty and casual. There’s something I just love about them: the spontaneous interactions of people having a good time, a moment within a moment at an event.

Keith’s first wedding photographer boss would have slapped his hand for wasting film on a candid fun moment like this. But it is these moments with guests, these extra photos that are so much fun to look back on down the road.

Just the idea that 100 years ago a wedding photographer couldn’t even take a photo in action, then things evolved and voila here we are with every single guest at the wedding armed with a pretty good digital camera.

These might not be the photos that make their way into a wedding album but they can be so much fun!