The Future


the blog:

Hi to any and all who are the early adopters of our new blog. The plan for the future of this blog is still being sketched. I hope to make this a place of interest for many. While I count myself a wedding photographer these days since a label is often requested of us all, I am a man of many photo talents. I intend over time to introduce many of them here. In addition to photos of various disciplines I would also like to introduce you to my inspirations. I will link to and/or mention various photographers who’s work I find exceptional. I will also make mention of exhibitions that I feel would be worth viewing. As the blog matures I will add pages that are relevant to what I do and who I am as an artist, business man and as a person. I hope that someone finds any of this interesting if not helpful. I definitely think that there is something to learn every day and every place. One day this may just be where you learn something whether it be photo related or not. Thanks for reading.