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This past weekend, I came across the greatest gift that you can give a new parent..or child care worker. The product is called MedBasics…it is basically your essential what to do guide to infant emergencies on the go. birth to one year

At home or on the road, emergencies can happen anywhere. Don’t be caught without the Baby MEDBASICS Travel Pack. The Travel Pack attaches to your stroller or diaper bag. Feel confident that you will know what to do during a medical emergency, even on the go.  There are two options a larger kit to keep at home and a smaller version that can go anywhere!

Our smaller, more durable pack designed to go everywhere your baby goes
• Attaches to any stroller or diaper bag.
• Color-coded tabs help you quickly identify each topic.
• Topics include: CPR, Choking, Fever, Bleeding, Burns and Poison
• Spiral binding keeps the pages open while you help your little one.
• Detailed instructions with easy to follow instructions.
• Made from weather resistant material.
• A page for your emergency contact information.

Dimensions: 5″x6″

When our son Nicholas was a baby he began choking one afternoon during lunch. Fortunately because of my training as a nurse I knew what to do. After that day I kept thinking to myself, “I cannot believe that actually happened” and then, “What if he was with a babysitter, or my parents? Would they have known what to do?” Later that week I made a little booklet of first aid information to leave with my babysitters. Friends and family saw the booklet and asked for their own copies.

Definitely check out their website for more info.  We all know someone that could or could have benefitted from this amazing little book!