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Last year, Keith Pitts Photography was commissioned to photograph the children for the permanent museum installations at the Halle Heart Children’s Museum in Phoenix.  Andrew Gartner of Gartner Design and Terry Duffy of Glyphics Design were the very talented designers behind the complete remodel of the American Heart Association’s museum. Keith enjoyed being part of such a fun, kid friendly project from inception to completion.

Over the course of this past year, lots and lots of children were photographed for a variety of installations within the museum.  It was just amazing to see the project begin with the idea (heart health with a kid friendly message) and then see the sketches turn into actual photographs and installations and eventually a completely renovated museum.  All I can say is that it came out GREAT! Congrats to all those involved. A job very well done.

About The Halle Heart Children’s Museum
The Halle Heart Children’s Museum is a nonprofit educational facility solely dedicated to empowering children and families to live heart-healthy lives free from cardiovascular diseases. The museum is committed to creating extraordinary child and family learning experiences that have the power to transform lives. Visitors can explore the human heart, animals, dangers of smoking, eating healthy, and the importance of 911 in a cardiovascular emergency, healthy cooking demonstrations, a market to learn about food labels and heart smart shopping, along with a 10-foot large human heart model. For more information about the Halle Heart Children’s Museum please visit
, – or call (602) 414-2800.