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Vanilla and Cherry frosted cupcakes

I have decided to feature cupcakes in next month’s newsletter!  I know you’re thinking: what a horrible research assignment!     

Considering I absolutely adore cupcakes – I couldn’t wait to get started!!  My first stop was Cupcakes in Scottsdale.  I have made a few trips into this little shop in the Hilton Village – their cupcakes are delicious!  It was later in the day so they only had a few cupcakes left, but I chose these two:  both chocolate cake, one with vanilla frosting and the other with cherry (flavor of the month).   I happen to be a huge fan of frosting – there’s is amazing!

I plan on featuring 3 cupcake shops in the newsletter – stay tuned for the next two!  I would love input and comments on your favorite cupcakes!  If you haven’t visited their shop yet, stop by – you definitely will not be disappointed!  Hopefully you’ll be able to stop in to all three that we feature- I would hate for you not to be an equal opportunity cupcake taster like me!

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