The Tailgate Experience, French Style

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Allez les Bleus!

Who could have imagined when we booked our week in Paris that it would end up being such an historic weekend?

France was in the World Cup final and we were in Paris. 

This photo above encapsulates French culture so perfectly. The cafe has been a gathering place for practically ever – so why wouldn’t it be the go to place place for Parisians to watch the World Cup alongside a crowd of fellow fans?

Crowds were gathered everywhere – excitement in the air. The screams of delight from fans 10 deep in the cafes. Fans gathered round large screen TVs in courtyards. The Champ de Mars overflowing with people cheering on Les Bleus. People were EVERYWHERE. Honking horns. Riding on top of cars. Singing. Dancing. Waving the red, white and blue flag. The victory celebration went on until I fell asleep.

The revelry was mayhem, fun patriotic craziness.

The remnants of the celebration are so French. It’s no secret that food and wine (and cigarettes) are sacred. Combine the social aspect of food and drink with national celebration and VOILA the Tailgate Experience, French Style.