Photos of Venice: Travel


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I know that we already have our dream job of photographing people in love. What could be better than that??? Maybe only slightly better – well okay my absolute dreamiest of jobs – would be travel photography. But honestly traveling with people and documenting their travels and experiences is that sliver of perfection in my dream job fantasy world. Documenting authentic travel experiences.

Taking pretty pictures in Venice is like shooting fish in a barrel. Every single cobblestone street leads to a more beautiful scene. Many of the photos above are the obvious – the gondolas, the canals, the gondolas on the canals, more canals, more gondolas. But mixed in between are our favorites, the street scenes.

Venice is also full of people (oh my goodness is that an understatement). Busy piazzas filled with people doing their thing. This is photography gold (to us!). Seeking out real moments happening amongst the craziness of one of the busiest tourist cities in Europe.  The little girl kissing her brother on the forehead to hopefully make him feel better.  The couples gathered after dark, lively music, dancing the tango on a beautiful summer evening.  

Travel doesn’t get much better than this.