Teaser | Tucson Wedding | Private Residence


the blog:

Oh we can’t wait to share all the beautiful photos from L & D’s wedding! Film is just back from the lab and here is a handful, a teaser of sorts from their incredible wedding day.  

How many people have the good fortune of getting married at their childhood home? This wedding had so much sentiment and meaning – defining what weddings and the joining of a couple and their two families is all about. 

The day started with the bridesmaids getting ready at the Westin La Paloma in Tucson. The groomsmen were stashed away in their vacation house not far from the wedding location. A quintessential desert backdrop made the perfect spot for this groomsmen shot that I just love. The bridesmaids made their way to the home, joined together in a heartfelt prayer. The day was off to the perfect start.

Friends and family from near and far, LA, Israel, Kenya – all made their way to this joining of two incredibly special people. Adorable flower girls, ring bearers were just too darn cute for words. A guitar solo during the ceremony. Laughter. Emotion. An incredibly personal and moving job by the officiant. Happiness was everywhere.

I am a very sentimental person, so the implication of having your wedding ceremony at your home, amongst those that are nearest and dearest to you is just incredible. Incorporating little details like rosemary (a great story told by the bride) and pecans from the family trees were the icing on the cake.

Such an incredibly personal wedding.