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Hi All,

I am giving Melissa a break and writing a blog post myself for a change. Let’s get the rust off of these typing fingers… I recently had the privilege of photographing the beautiful wedding of this gorgeous couple and their really fun and sweet families and friends. It was the day before Halloween and inspired by the holiday they broke out the masks and attitudes. You can never go wrong with masks. The weather was perfect, which is a usual perk here in Scottsdale this time of year and the Venue, Sassi (in north Scottsdale), was gorgeous with Pinnacle Peak in the background and the sun hanging low in the sky.

One thing (of soooo many) that I love about the couples that choose to use Keith Pitts Photography for their weddings (aside from the obvious good taste in photography) is that they are always so easy going. This was no exception. The beautiful bride, which in this case is not just an expression but also a fact, had the most incredible support system. Her sisters were all emotional, happy and helpful. The wedding was even planned by one of her sisters who is an event coordinator for John C. Lincoln Hospital. She puts on a mean Black Tie Charity Ball I must say. The flowers were from one of my favorite florists (who happen to be worth the drive to the West Valley), Petal Pushers. Tamara and Matt (of Petal Pusher fame) also were the florists involved in the Desert Botanical Garden Wedding Giveaway that I have talked so much about the last half year. I have to throw in a plug too for the staff at Sassi who were very helpful and attentive and for Bernice who orchestrated the affair without so much as a hiccup. Lastly and certainly with much greater importance than the final spot may indicate, I have to tip a hat to the DJ, Matt of MT Sounds. If that name seems familiar from reading this blog then you are remembering him from the post with Riki and Will and the classic ‘vette.

I hope you enjoy the following photos and that my rusty blogging didn’t bore you.



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