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Hi All,
In case you thought something bad had befallen me (I live and work in Arizona), I am fine. I have been pre occupied with a lot of making my business a better business type stuff. One thing that can do that is regular blogging and I figure to get good at that again now that the other stuff is under way (good things, maybe I’ll share them). So for our next installment I present to you a slide show. This is from a recent wedding that featured a really cool local couple with a lot of really cool local friends. I was introduced to them by a mutual friend who also happens to be a great graphic designer, Becky. Becky is one of the design geniuses (along with Terry Duffy) that make up Glyphics Design. They are responsible for my logo and various other parts of my professional identity that I love so much. THANK YOU BECKY AND TERRY!!!

The wedding ceremony was at the Central United Methodist Church in Phoenix. This was the first wedding there after an extensive remodeling. I had never been there before so I can’t tell you how much better it was but I can say that it looks great. The reception was a short walk away (I love that) at the world famous¬†Heard Museum. I love shooting weddings in museums by the way. One of the very cool things done at this wedding was the photo booth. Not the “Live Photobooth” by Keith Pitts Photography mind you, but a real, enclosed booth built by the groom. It had two open sides and the conga line passed through it so that everyone could take a quick shot with the bride and groom (including me). How great is that?

And without further ado, I present the wedding of Sarah and Johnny! Enjoy