Wedding at the Camelback Golf Club | Scottsdale, AZ

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This is such a special couple. Just a great fit for each other. Love, love, in love. They give off a happy vibe, genuinely pleased to be in each other’s company. And for us, such a pleasure to have as a client.

Strange set of circumstances that led us to be their wedding photographer. Small world of being introduced professionally. Keith dreams of forming our own charity (I guess if we put it out there, it will happen!). So a friend at Free Arts (our partner charity) put us in touch with the bride to run some ideas by – to see what her thoughts were on what our vision is for this charity. Then it just so happens she contacts our photo booth to book The Live Photobooth for a client’s holiday party. Needless to say the rest is history. Our paths kept crossing and when it was time for her to need a wedding photgrapher, let’s just say that we are glad that she chose Keith!

Melissa + David we wish you a lifetime of happiness!