Wedding on Cape Cod | Chatham Beach and Tennis Club I Destination Wedding Photographer


Hi All,
Here is my second effort in slide show creation. It is from a recent wedding on Cape Cod. The couple are from the D.C. area and married in Chatham, MA. The reception was at the Chatham Beach and Tennis Club. This is a sample of the images from the day. I hope those of you looking both like it and feel compelled to comment. I love feedback.




Great job. Great images and tying them all together with the Ken Burns effects was really nice. And hard to do.

Thanks Wayne. I am not sure if it is obvious or not but you can view all of the images at your leisure. Just click the arrow on the lower right side of the frame and a set of controls will appear. There is a little icon that looks like a grid that when clicked on will bring up all the thumbnails. Click on any image and it will enlarge. There is a forward and back arrow to navigate with. 

The reason for hiding the control panel is simply for aesthetics. Thanks again for commenting.



Good job. The slide show could either be slower or have a way to slow the interval between image transition.

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