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 Wedding details, a reception set up at Paradise Valley Country Club

Wedding details, a reception set up at Paradise Valley Country Club

When we photograph a wedding, Keith and I both like to take several passes through the reception set up (when the time allows) to photograph the details. Sometimes it’s possible and sometimes its not due to the set up and time line flow of the wedding day but when we can, we do.

Setting up a ballroom, a tent or an al fresco event is beyond time consuming for the wedding planner, the florist, event decor, wait staff, etc. Everyone has a very important role – and not everything necessarily comes together at once until right before the guests are ushered into the space. 

We pass through the space multiple times in order to start documenting the transformation. The end result is the culmination of all the hours spent planning, making decisions, and design that go into the space coming together to mirror the vision that the couple had for their wedding day. The transformation can be jaw dropping. 

What changes the most for us during these pass throughs is the light. The first photos show the tables with no lights on in the room, available light coming through the large french doors, a dramatic light that we love.  The second few photos were taken as the tables are moving more towards completion, the ballroom lights are on, the candles are lit and there is still available light coming through the doors but now instead of having dramatic ambient light, we have a warm combination of tungsten (artificial light) mixed with available. The last few photos are the room ready to welcome guests. The lighting has been set with a purplish/pinkish hue and takes on a completely different look. Day time has turned to night, so the indoor lighting is a combination of dimmed tungsten, candlelight and uplighting. 

It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly beautiful a wedding day is. This beauty takes on all different forms and what I think is most amazing is how every couple and planner have a different take on what the day should look like, different styles and personalities. We are so fortunate that we get to be part of this process.

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