The Legacy of a Portrait | Wedding Arizona Biltmore


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It is no secret that Keith and I take an editorial approach to documenting a wedding day. We like to photograph the candid, emotional, unscripted moments that define the day. However, a beautiful portrait is absolutely a photograph that becomes an instant classic.

Some clients ask us if they can hire us for a portrait station at their wedding. While we get to focus on documenting a wedding day – we also have a set up for these portraits. I can’t even tell you how completely thrilled the couple is with the output but also the guests are unexpectedly suprised that they get an incredible portrait taken with their loved ones – and they get to take home a beautiful 6×8 portrait as a memento of the day. What greater gift can a couple give to their family + friends than beautiful legacy portraits to have for generations to come.

No matter where you look around you see people taking selfies and think that all folks care about in this generation is posting to social media. Yes, a digital photo is something you can post right away, but quite honestly, I think what consumes people today is having something instant. And that is where this type of portrait station fits right in. Gorgeous portraits taken and within minutes you are holding a legacy print in your hand!

Unlike photos that you post to social media, this photograph will last a life time (and longer!).