weddings and portraits -vs- commercial photography

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Hi All,
Here is a shot of three little girls that I photographed recently. I have had the privilege of photographing these girls three years in a row and I can’t believe their growth. This is one of the aspects of being a portrait photographer that I truly enjoy. I get to know these children and watch them grow. While all aspects of photography offer their own unique challenges and joys I like weddings and portraits the best. Here’s why: There is an emotional connection with wedding and portrait photography that commercial work just does not have.  With wedding and portrait photography it is all about preserving memories (the past). Done well, the photos will make people laugh and cry for years to come. Commercially speaking, I continue to do some commercial photography and I enjoy the various challenges that are usually presented. The down side to it is that once the photos are used they are for the most part forgotten. The client rightfully needs to move on to the next photo to promote the product. It is about the now and the future. The past means nothing. Done with integrity, both are economically viable. Choose your path based on your passion. 

Did that make sense to anyone? If you have a different point of view I would love to hear it. I of course won’t discourage anyone who wants to agree with me. Let the comments begin.