Wedding couple on a rainy day

Wedding planning and unexpected weather


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Wedding couple on a rainy day

There is nothing more disappointing than seeing months and months of wedding planning go up in smoke because of unexpected weather.

Being Phoenix based wedding photographers, we fortunately do not see this happen very often but it can…and it does.

The wedding ceremony and dinner were to be outside – using Camelback Mountain as the incredible backdrop. After all, that is why this couple chose Mountain Shadows, they wanted their 100% destination wedding (yes every single guest was flying in from around the country to enjoy a long weekend of lounging by the pool, golfing, dining al fresco and of course, enjoying this lovely wedding) to take in these majestic desert views.

The forecast called for 100% rain for 100% of the day. And it wasn’t just the rain, it was freezing (by AZ standards). What to do?

Hopefully you deal with it as gracefully as this couple.

No doubt they were heartbroken that their entire wedding would need to be upended and replanned in a matter of a day. That’s when being in good hands is crucial. Having a wedding planner and an onsite catering staff that can figure out a secondary ceremony option and another location for your gorgeous dinner (that was supposed to be under the twinkly of string lights with a mountain as your backdrop) and have it all go off on time without a hitch is nothing short of a miracle.

But you know what this inclement weather did, it made us challenge ourselves. It made us get more creative. Having a positive bride and groom that were willing to try to make this work was a huge plus. They were upbeat and very aware that they were there with their friends and family to celebrate this marriage, regardless of the circumstances.

first look by a swimming pool at mountain shadows

This wedding day was filled with so many heartfelt, emotional moments – this day was packed with tears, laughs and everything else that we especially strive to capture during a wedding.

If how this couple handled the upending of their wedding plans is any indication I suspect they will have a long lovely life together. And will never forget their wedding day!

venue:: Mountain Shadows