Why we love what we do.


the blog:

We had the greatest google hangout meeting the other evening with a couple that lives in New York City but is having their destination wedding here at the Arizona Biltmore. We were enjoying an incredible chat – discussing all sorts of things – when one of the grooms asked us a question that really spoke heart to Keith and I. 

He asked us something to the effect of how we stay inspired after so many years of being wedding photographers. What is it that we love about what we do? 

Quite honestly that is the best question we have ever been asked. 

And so easy to answer.

Each couple, each wedding is so unique. There are obvious similarities on a wedding day – two people are getting married – but everything else that goes into a wedding day is so special to each couple. I’m not talking about all the fabulous details that are elaborately planned out – the gorgeous flowers, the linen, the cake, etc. – we are there to photograph these special details to tell the whole story. But what makes us honored beyond belief to photograph a wedding is what is going on with the couple. What their hearts are saying to one another.

We are observing the relationships that are happening all around us on a wedding day. We are looking for the interactions, the love, the genuine moments – all the emotionally important things that are taking place between the couple and their beloved family and friends. This is what inspires us. The couple, the people they feel strongly enough to have invited to their wedding, the love they share, the quiet moments they have with one another, the joy, the sadness, the celebration.

All of this is what makes every wedding new to us. This is what fills our heart. 

side note: This question struck me because there are times when we feel that so much of the wedding industry has lost focus on why a wedding – this union between two people  – means so much from an emotional perspective. Looking at many of the wedding blogs, I am easily overcome by a sense of every wedding looking the same – you could drop a couple into the setting and it repeats itself over and over.

Where is the laughter. The tears. The candid, real moments? What photo will make this couple tear up 30 years from now when they look back on their wedding photos? We are so fortunate to attract wedding clients that love the planning and all the amazing details that make a wedding so special but they also crave photographs that document feelings, moments, interactions that illicit a sense of emotion. That is why we love what we do!