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I came across this book called “Words for your Wedding” on Martha Stewart’s Wedding Blog.  I was nostalgic for a moment as I thought back 6 years, when Keith and I were writing our vows!  At the time, I really couldn’t find a great resource.  Our wedding was on St John and we didn’t want the one JP on the island reading the same few lines that she reads to the majority of her hundreds of weddings per year!  My inspiration was the wedding of a friend of my sister, the vows were so heartfelt, personal and well written – I wanted something like this!  If this book had been around back then,  it would have made our lives that much easier!   Instead, I labored away…

Here is an overview of the book:  “In the excitement of planning a wedding in all its detail, the beauty and meaning of the words exchanged can sometimes be overlooked. To help you find and create the perfect ceremony, ministers David Glusker and Peter Misner have compiled this do-it-yourself guide that walks you through the entire wedding ceremony, offering both contemporary and traditional readings and prayers.

From the gathering words to the final blessing, this collection of wedding traditions lets you design a ceremony that is right for you—whether it is an established service, a combination of elements from various traditions, or a newly created celebration of your own.”

This practical resource for couples and ministers alike also includes special sections featuring:

  • the civil ceremony
  • the Roman Catholic and ecumenical wedding
  • the Jewish wedding
  • tips for how to write your own service
  • guidelines for renewing your wedding vows