The Ghost Tree. What will be your favorite wedding photo?


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one photo may be your stand out favorite on your wedding day

A Ghost Tree in Bend, Oregon at the Pronghorn Resort, our bride & groom's favorite wedding day photo

There are so many incredible photos taken on your wedding day.

There are emotional photos, couples photos, the ceremony, family portraits, first dance and on and on and you will love lots and lots of photos from your wedding day.

But I promise you there will be a handful of photos that really stand out. And then within that handful there will be just a couple that really bring you right back to that day, that place, those moments.

For some it will be a photo of the the two of them for others it will be something that is symbolic.

The above photo is just that. A symbolic reminder to this couple of where their wedding took place and how much meaning it had to the two of them and their families. I love this photo. It is beautiful for so many reasons but most of all because I know how much it means to them.

Part of a wedding photographer’s job is telling the whole story: the beginning, middle and end of a couple’s story.

With that comes the details that aren’t always so obvious. Why did a couple choose a particular venue? Why did they travel from Scottsdale to Bend, Oregon. What made this place so important to them? Our job is to take the photos that will always remind them of the WHYs.

This ghost tree is everything.

venue:: Pronghorn Resort, Bend, Orgeon

planner:: Victoria Canada Weddings & Events

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