A beautiful afternoon | LA Engagement Session


the blog:

“I have found the one whom my soul loves”  Song of Solomon 3:4

Wow do I love that quote. I find it amazing that your soul just knows when things are right. You can feel it deep down and you just know. This couple has found in each other their soul mates and you can just tell. What is better than that?

We started our afternoon at Union Station. Trains / train stations mean something special to this couple. What a gorgeous place to start. Neither Keith or I had ever been to Union Station, what a beautiful surprise! Such a vintage cool feel to the place. Reminds me of that bygone era of romanticized train travel that you have read about or seen in old movies. 

From the station we walked over to La Plaza at Olvera Street. Another spot that has meaning to this couple. And a significant historic spot in Los Angeles that is a must see. Known as the birthplace of Los Angeles it is a look into the customs of early California. This area is a great way to experience Mexican culture by just walking around taking in the energy, impromptu singing with couples dancing, delicious aromas of restaurants and taco stands, bright stalls overflowing with Mexican souvenirs with all sorts of merchants displaying their wares.  

From here we headed through the Arts District and onto one of Los Angeles’ iconic historic bridges. (Who doesn’t remember the big car race from Grease on the dry riverbed?) 

The view of Downtown LA is simply gorgeous. The perfect backdrop for this engagement session. Didn’t think we would see so much LA history in one afternoon!

Thank you L + D for the tour!