U of A, Colorful Historic Neighborhood + Gate’s Pass | Tucson Engagement Session


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Love isn’t something that you find. Love is something that finds you.

— Loretta Young

Truer words were never spoken. It is amazing how love can just find you. When you least suspect it most of the time. And nothing is more enjoyable than a real love story.  Seeing a couple beginning their lives together is a joy, documenting these special moments is a privilege.

Engagement sessions are so different than a wedding day. Much more posing and just plain getting to know each other.  Both days the couple is the focus, but in such different ways.

These photos have a different sort of meaning. They tell a different story. This is who the couple is when it’s not their wedding day. That is why I treasure engagement sessions, it is a time for the couple to be showcased in their element, being themselves.

For this couple a few things have tremendous meaning at this point in their lives: their rescue dog, The University of Arizona, the historic house they are renovating, the beautiful Tucson outdoors, music and of course each other. This is who they are. Such an exciting time.

It was a little warm when we started but their pooch didn’t seem to mind running around Old Main, sort of like he knows what he is doing, showing us around the beautiful U of A campus. We had fun watching him exploring and running and of course always checking back to make sure mom and dad were close by. Such a sweet dog. (I am always so jealous of other people’s dogs that actually seem to stay by their owner’s side. Our dogs would never be this focused or devoted to us if we had them off leash leisurely walking around taking photos. One day, one day!)

Also important to this couple is the adobe home in a beautiful historic district that they are currently renovating. What an inspiring, beautiful project. (Jealous, just a bit I must admit!) I’m looking forward to seeing it finished so I can imagine how excited they must be to see how it looks when it is complete!

Bike riding around their treasure of a neighborhood, enjoying the Tucson outdoors – made me really fall in love with the area. Then we drove to the outskirts of town for sunset. Gates Pass was the perfect location for this time of day. The scenery was outstanding. The guitar and singing echoed through the area – romantic and beautiful. If I lived in the area, Tucson Mountain Park would be my spot.

We are looking forward to their wedding early next year at The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Tucson. TIme will fly!